Why 3 ply disposable face masks?

As some of you might know, Tokimeku provides equipment to the manufacturing industry. What then are we doing selling 3 ply disposable face masks?

The answer is easy: We had to pivot to survive this period

As you can imagine, with global demand for electronics products going down, and most of our main regional markets in lock down, our revenue has taken a huge hit. Almost 1/3 of 2020 is over, but we are at less than 15% of our targeted revenue. We had to find a way to keep our headcount and operations going.

We are so grateful for your support during this period. Rest assured we put a lot of heart into researching the product, and are proud to launch our Tokimeku masks to keep you and your family safe. We have kids size face mask to protect your children as well.

More details in the next blog post.