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589GP-V23 Soldering Gun 230V [Discontinued]


  • Soldering iron with manual solder feed (gun type) that can work without a temperature control unit to permit one-handed operation
  • Light-weight body allows extended soldering work without unnecessary fatigue
  • Built-in solder feed mechanism in the body allows users to make fine adjustments
  • Soldering tip: 587-T-8 Shape-B
Packing List
Packing List Part No.
Unit  -
1.6mm Guide nozzle 582-N-1.6
Instruction Manual  -

The amount of solder wire feed is adjustable with a range of approximately 3mm (min.) to 8mm (max.).
The amount of solder wire feed can be adjusted only by loosening or tightening the screw mounted on the solder feed adjuster.

  • Power consumption: 100W
  • Heating element: Nichrome heater
  • Standard tip: Φ8 mm (No. 587-T-8)
  • Dimensions: 227 x 149 mm
  • Weight: 322g (without cord)
Soldering Tip

Iron Holder: 607 (with cleaning sponge)

Heating Element: 

  • 589-H: 100V (not available in SEA)
  • 589-H-V11: 110V (not available in SEA)
  • 589-H-V22: 220V (not available in SEA)
  • 589-H-V23: 230V

Guide Nozzle: