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N60-07 Nozzle Φ3.0

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Desoldering nozzle with optimized performance

Applicable Models Handpiece
FR-400 FR-4003

FR-4001 (Discontinued)
Specifications (Outer Dia. / Inner Dia. mm)
N60-01 Φ2.5 / Φ0.8
N60-02 Φ2.7 / Φ1.0
N60-03 Φ3.2 / Φ1.3
N60-04 Φ3.5 / Φ1.6
N60-05 Φ4.9 / Φ2
N60-06 Φ6.6 / Φ2.6
N60-07 Φ7.0 / Φ3.0
N60-08 Φ6.7 / Φ4.2 (4x1.5)
N60-09 Φ8.7 / Φ6.2 (4x1.5)