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LPKF MultiPress S - PCB Prototyping Machine

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LPKF MultiPress S - Press for Standard and RF Multilayers. Special process profiles ensure reliable bonding of RF materials

LPKF MultiPress S presses multilayer circuits from rigid, rigid-flex and flexible PCB materials. Process control provides for a homogeneous material compound. Efficient heat dissipation assures short cooling phases. The result is optimum process times.

Features and benefits of LPKF MultiPress S

Easy-to-Use Press for Standard and RF Multilayers

LPKF MultiPress S laminates multilayer circuits in rigid, flex-rigid and flexible PCB materials. It evenly distributes pressure across the entire laminating area with precision temperature and pressure process-control, for a uniform material bond. Special process profiles ensure RF materials are securely bonded. Efficient heat transmission creates short cool-down periods. The result – optimal process times.

  • Laminates rigid and flexible materials
  • Suitable for RF materials
  • Pre-set and custom process profiles

Custom Process Profiles

Process parameters can be programmed in the LCD display menu and stored as a profile.

Uniform Pressure

The system is available with a manual hand pump or automatic hydraulic control unit.

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