LPKF TwinWeld 3D 6000 actual unit - side view

LPKF TwinWeld 3D 6000 - Laser Plastic Welding

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LPKF TwinWeld 3D 6000 is a revolutionary laser plastic welding system that changed automotive components manufacturing forever. 

The second generation LPKF TwinWeld 3D 6000 System uses a patented hybrid welding technology that provides high quality seams even in the visible areas, perfect for parts where high aesthetic value is needed. The built in special halogen spotlights provide additional energy in the welding zone. This combination increases the process speed and processes aesthetically high-quality weld seams, while simultaneously reducing stress. LPKF hybrid welding thus achieves what other welding processes cannot always perform: reliable, impeccable, and nearly stress-free welding seams without the need for follow-up treatment. The system is also equipped with a multi-axis robot giving full flexibility to you. 

LPKF TwinWeld 3D 600 Main Features: 

  • Low maintenance laser welding head giving reliable processing with a high level of aesthetic quality
  • Tempering after welding is omitted or greatly reduced
  • No upper die is necessary
  • No wear and no contamination
  • Built in robot arm allowing high level of productivity and flexibility

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