Shuttle Star SV650 Semi-Auto Optical BGA Rework Station [Ex-Works]

Shuttle Star SV650 Semi-Auto Optical BGA Rework Station [Ex-Works]

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Rework has never been been easier!

  1. Hot air heater head and mounting head are designed 2 in 1, driven by step electric motor, and has both the auto soldering and mounting function. 
  2. Three heaters (upper/lower hot air heater and bottom IR heater) heating independently, while time and temperature can be displayed digitally on the touch screen.
  3. Upper heater is movable for a convenient operation.
  4. Large movable bottom IR heating area, PCB clamps can be adjusted along with X & Y table flexibly to handle PCBs up to 550*500mm;
  5. Powerful cross flow fans cool the bottom heating area rapidly with stable speed;
  6. Color optical system with functions of split vision, zoom in/out and micro-adjust, equipped with aberration detection device; with auto focus and software operation function, 27 X optical focus, able to rework BGA sized up to 70*70mm;
  7. Embedded industrial computer, touch screen interface, PLC control, real-time profile display, able to display set profile and 5 practically tested profile at the same time; can analyze the five practically-tested profiles;
  8. Color LCD monitor;
  9. Built-in vacuum pump, 60 °rotation in φ angle, mounting nozzle is micro-adjustable;
  10. 8 segments of temperature up(down) and 8 segments constant temperature control, profile saving is unlimited in the industrial computer;
  11. Suction nozzle can identify material and mounting height automatically, and can control the air pressure within a small range of 30-50g;
  12. Equipped with different hot air nozzles, easy to replace and able to locate in any angle.

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Shipping Instructions: Ex-works, Singapore Warehouse


  • Automatic dismantling of faulty devices
  • Clean welds and solder paste (solder paste or solder paste)
  • Automatic feeding, automatic counterposition and automatic mounting
  • Selection of temperature curves
  • Automatic welding and automatic cooling


PCB & Component Requirements

Max. PCB size 550mm x500mm
Max. control area 120mm x 120mm
Max. PCB thickness 4mm
Max. BGA size 70mm x 70mm
Min. BGA size 1mm x 1mm
Max. BGA weight 80g
Vision System Specifications
Max. visible area 40mm x 40mm
Min. Pitch .30mm
Micrometer Adjust Range Front/Rear ± 10mm  Left/Right ± 10mm
Rotation Angle 60°
Thermal Specifications
Max. temp for hot-air heater 350° C
Max. temp for IR heater 400° C
Temperature control 8-Stage Programmable Temperature Settings
Top heater power 1200W
Spot heater power 800W
Bottom IR heater power 3600W
Dimensions & Power Requirements
Machine Dimension 850mm (L) 750mm (W) 630mm (H)
Weight Approx 92kg
Power Supply Single Phase, 220VAC, 50/60 Hz,

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