Hybrid Welding

Types of Laser Plastic Welding: Hybrid Welding

Hybrid Welding

In LPKF's patented Hybrid Welding, special halogen spotlights provide additional energy in the welding zone. This combination increases the process speed and processes aesthetically high-quality weld seams, while simultaneously reducing stress. This achieves reliable, impeccable, and nearly stress-free welding seams without the need for follow-up treatment.

The LPKF solution’s use of the complete weld head on a multi-axis robot allows a high level of flexibility.

Main applications:

Automotive industry, for example taillights, headlights, speedometers, It is also used for large, spatial components where the weld seam is directly visible and for which there are high aesthetic demands.

Main characteristics:

Reliable processing with a high level of aesthetic quality Tempering after welding is omitted or greatly reduced No upper die is necessary No wear and no contamination High level of productivity and flexibility

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