Collection: LPKF Laser PCB Depaneling

Why Laser Depaneling?

Laser depaneling has numerous advantages compared to conventional depaneling processes.

Benefits of LPKF Laser PCB Depaneling

A Stress-free method for the workpiece thanks to contactless processing.

Save more material! Cutting edges can be made directly next to components because the surrounding of the laser beam is not affected.

Process a wide variety of materials – be it flexible or rigid materials. With a wide range of laser sources, the narrow cutting channels possible and extreme precision of laser processing, the possibility is huge!

Free geometry of the cuts with the digital, software-based and laser-beam-guided process.

Cost saving on consumables and tool changing time. Designed for 24/7 production. The laser system – a tool that uses light – has no wear. This saves on costs for consumables and conversion times.

Perfectly suited to sensitive applications such as those in medical technology, the automotive sector, and consumer electronics.

Milling dust, carbonization or other contamination is a thing of the past. The cuts produced using the LPKF CleanCut method are impressive because of their outstanding precision and technical cleanliness. The result: maximum reliability of the PCBs produced.

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