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Collection: LPKF Laser Plastic Welding

Brief introduction to LPKF Plastic Welding

Why Plastic Welding

Plastic welding is the act of joining two plastic parts together permanently by laser technology. It creates a molecular bond between two compatible thermoplastics. One of the material has to be laser transparent while the other one has to be laser absorbent. Using LPKF's industrial leading technology, different types of joints can be achieved. The welding result offers superior strength and greatly reduces cycle times, making it preferred over traditional mechanical joint or chemical bonding.


From In-Line to Standalone Equipment, LPKF offers the widest range of laser plastic welding machines with highest technology possible. From small everyday object to large 3D components up to 1000mm x 700mm, LPKF Laser Weld Series can deliver precise, reliable and permanent joints without adverse chemical, thermal and mechanical effects on the surrounding material 

Main Advantages of  LPKF Plastic Welding

  1. User friendly UI/UX for fast setup and process change
  2. Highly flexible and efficient processing
  3. Highest quality welding result

Benefits of Plastic Welding

  1. No adverse effects on surrounding materials. No surface damage, no chemical treatment needed
  2. Precise and strong joints achievable
  3. Good welding quality and can offer up to Class 67 protection result
  4. Aesthetically appealing result.

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