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About the company

Tokimeku was founded in 2019 by the same management team that founded Hakko Products, and brought Hakko soldering products to Southeast Asia. Till now, Hakko Products Pte Ltd has been synonymous with reliability and customer success across the region.

Team Tokimeku is geared towards providing technology-driven, quality solutions to the advanced manufacturing industries in Southeast Asia.


Tokimeku – (verb) The heart aflutter

Tokimeku is that feeling of anticipation when you know that the solution presented will solve a problem which has been troubling you for a long time. Or when you see a product that just resonatses with you. That joy and satisfaction.
With every interaction with our clients, we strive to create that same feeling by always providing robust technical solutions for a fast-changing technological landscape.
By working together with you, we aim to realise for you the second definition of Tokimeku – to prosper and to thrive.


Brands that we carry: