Collection: LPKF Laser Stencil Cutting

Introduction to LPKF Laser Stencil Cutting

LPKF StencilLaser - Always a Cut Ahead

LPKF has been introducing innovations in electronics manufacturing for more than 30 years. The LPKF StencilLaser established a new form of electronics manufacturing in 1992.

With more than 450 StencilLaser systems already installed, it highlights LPKF’s importance as the market leader for SMT solder paste stencil production. The systems are used by stencil manufacturers as well as printed circuit board manufacturers, EMS and accessory suppliers.

LPKF Stencil Cutting - Precision and Speed

Stencil manufacturers depend on efficient production processes. This means a perfect combination of high-speed, top-level-accuracy and trusted repeatability. LPKF StencilLaser technology itself plays a key role here.

But there is more: One of the most important points is a deep understanding of the stencil application. LPKF has gained expertise in this field through the years of close co-operation with our stencil business partners. We use our skills and experience to translate inspired ideas into reliable industry products. This means absolutely smooth interaction of excellent hardware with highly productive software and handling components, specific to the stencil business needs. 

LPKF - A Demanding Process Made Easy

LPKF stencil cutting is a success story with three prime benefits: economic efficiency, technological superiority, and assured quality. Quality assurance is constantly gaining in importance: LPKF StencilCheck is used independently from the cutting system once the  stencil is cut. 

The software compares the layout data with the actual geometry and certifies precise machining.

The latest LPKF technology boasts innovative integrated monitoring process. This process monitoring while cutting at full speed, makes a crucial difference compared to other integrated systems: No valuable production time is wasted.

Optimum Results - LPKF Laser Stencil Cutting

The unsurpassed control of LPKF’s LongLife fiber lasers – even down to the level of single laser pulses – also allows for machining extraordinary narrow partition walls. LPKF systems make it easy to automatically utilize different cutting parameters while producing one single stencil from any common material. Even engraving on both sides of a stencil is easily possible.

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