Tokimeku 3 Ply Disposable Face Masks

4 months into the Covid-19 pandemic, governments have started recommending wearing face masks. While it is not a guarantee against Covid-19 transmission, masks are effective at capturing droplets, which is a main transmission mode of the coronavirus, and thus would offer the wearer protection.

It looks like face masks will be the new norm from now!

However, trying to acquire face masks for our offices and their families proved to be much more difficult than we expected. It isn't a supply problem when you are willing to purchase in bulk. The issue is QUALITY and RELIABILITY.


Do you see the amount of certifications flying around? How do we even know if they are real? Why are people qualifying their masks under standard for respirators (EN149) when they are only selling 3 ply masks?

We had to do so much research.

Our face masks are qualified to T/CTCA 7-2019 Standards, with a waterproof top layer, a high quality meltblown filter made with Japanese technology, and a soft and comfortable inner layer. We read through all the testing reports, collected all the testing videos, and interviewed our shortlisted supplier extensively. We were so stressed about ensuring we had the best product, that he became super stressed as well. Sorry boss! 

Why not import Surgical Face Masks?

1. We do not have a medical import license, and at the moment do not plan to get one. Our main business is still selling equipment to the manufacturing industries.

2. We did not want to take away supply from the healthcare workers. As you know, demand globally has skyrocketed and there is a shortage in supply. These 3 ply masks have been tested to be very effective against droplets (unlike regular cloth masks) and are good enough to protect us.


We had to ensure our supplier was reliable, and could guarantee a continued shipment of masks. We can't be running out of stocks often and leaving our customers hanging!

Also, consistency in every batch is important. From materials used for production, to testing the production batches, to packing, to shipping, we had to ensure consistency, so that you have a reliable source for face masks during this period. 

With both factors in mind, we have thoroughly vetted our suppliers to ensure they provide both quality and reliability, so that we can provide the same to you. 

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