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LPKF Fusion3D 1200

LPKF Fusion3D 1200

High Performance, High Yield with Rotary Indexing Table and Vision System

Equipped with the latest technology components and a high-quality rotary indexing table, small, medium and large series of 3D circuit carriers can be produced particularly economically with the LPKF Fusion3D 1200.

  • With rotary indexing table and vision system
  • Low non-productive times
  • Up to three process units
  • Easy setup with optional vision system
  • Use of small series up to mass production
Features and Benefits


The LPKF Fusion3D 1200 was specially developed for the laser direct structuring of 3D circuit carriers. The LDS process generates MID components, Mechatronic Integrated Devices. The laser writes conductor structures onto the components. These structures are then metallized and thus conductive.

MID components simultaneously perform electrical and mechanical tasks. For example, they can be found as antennas and capacitive sensors in devices where space requirements and weight play a role. In addition, the use of three-dimensional circuit carriers reduces the assembly effort and allows completely new product layouts.

Growing with the tasks

The LPKF Fusion3D 1200 laser system is designed as a flexible solution for different laser structuring requirements. High-quality components and a maintenance-friendly design ensure maximum machine availability.

With different process units (PUs), consisting of laser source, optics and scanner, an optional vision system and triple turning devices on the rotary indexing table, the system can be adapted to the layout and performance requirements of the customer. Up to three PUs can be installed simultaneously for short cycle times.

Safety and modular design

The table halves each have four separate I/O ports and can be supplied with vacuum and compressed air. The safety of the intervention is ensured by active monitoring via a light curtain.

Access for maintenance work is simple and requires no special tools. All electrical connections are grouped on the rear, an enlarged monitor with USB interface simplifies operation.

Reduced non-productive time

The integrated rotary indexing table reduces non-productive times: While one component is being machined, another can be inserted or removed. A separate project is possible for each half of the table. Thanks to the height monitoring of the work surface, work is always in focus.

Powerful software

LPKF has put the entire system software on uniform basis since 2012, the LPKF Fusion3D family also benefits from CircuitPro 3D. Included in the scope of delivery, it stands for intuitive, uniform operation, fast calculation routines and sophisticated functions for optimising structuring processes.

High performance due to rotary indexing table

The highly dynamic rotary indexing table increases the throughput considerably with turning times <1 second: while one nest is being machined, the operator can remove and insert new components.

A light curtain ensures safety: The table only rotates when the loading area is clear. The borehole pattern of the work surface is identical to that of the Fusion3D 1100, allowing projects developed for this system to be reused on the turntable.


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