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FT-802 Thermal Wire Stripper (230V)

FT-802 Thermal Wire Stripper (230V)

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The FT-802 Thermal Wire Stripper uses heat as the primary force to provide precise and high quality insulation stripping with no nick. 

Tips/Blades are not included. Click here to shop applicable G3/G4 blades for FT-802.

Packing List
FT-802 Station --
Power Cord B2419
Handpiece FT-8004
Instruction Manual --
Thermal Stripping

The thermal heat helps to strip wire sharply and effectively with no nicks. Even fine AWG38 wire can be stripped effectively with standard blades. 

Aligned Tweezers Structure

Due to the tweezers' structure, the cutting blades are perfectly aligned which allows for a high quality cut. 

Space Saving & Replaceable Blades

The integration of the handpiece holder on the station can maximise workbench space. The blades can also be easily replaced by using the hex-wrench (included in the unit) and the blade removal plate.

Convenient Settings of Optimum Output Level 

Easy setting of output level by the unit of 5% as per material.

User-Friendly Display

The status of the handpiece can be seen on the display.

Status: "Ready"

  • Handpiece can be used immediately
  • Indicating timer start for auto sleep function when output is <80%

Status: "Sleep"

  • Auto sleep function is running
  • Save 50% of the output value
  • Timing activation ranges from 1 to 30 minutes
Upgraded Blades

G4 blades are upgraded from the G2 blades which have optimized edges that make wire stripping easier.

 Packing List 
  • Station (with wire material indicator seal)
  • Handpiece FT-8004 (with lead adjuster)
  • Hexagon socket set screw (M2.5 x 2.5 [qty 2])
  • Hexagon wrench (1.27 mm)
  • Power cord
  • Instruction manual
    Model No FT-802
    Power Consumption  76W
    Output Voltage  AC 20V
    Dimensions 76(W) x 159(H) x 161(D)mm
    Weight 1.6 Kg
    Wire Stripper (FT-8004)
    Power Consumption  72W (20V)
    Cord Length  1.6m
    Total Length 153mm
    Weight 47g

    *Length and weight for handpiece are measured without cord and blades.


    FT-8004 blades: G4-1601, G4-1602 & G4-1603

    Replacement Parts
     Part No Name Specifications
    FT8004-81 FT-8004 with lead adjuster, hexagon socket screws (2) and hexagon wrench 
    B5242 Lead Adjuster With o-ring, screw and stopper
    B5244 Blade Removal Plate With Screws
    B5245 Handpiece Holder With sems screws
    B5243 Sleeve Assembly  With heat insulation covers 

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