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LPKF PowerWeld 3600 - Laser Plastic Welding

LPKF PowerWeld 3600 - Universal, Compact, Top Quality

LPKF PowerWeld 3600: Compact welding system for every application.

The LPKF PowerWeld 3600 enables high design flexibility. All components are housed in the compact housing: laser, control unit and cooling system. The PowerWeld 3600 also has a rotary indexing table - for higher throughput. Integrated online process monitoring ensures optimal workpiece quality and productivity.

Main Features

  • Flexible application, easy operation
  • High welding quality for smaller components
  • Standalone devices in a compact design
  • Rotary indexing table for very high throughput
  • Quality assurance integrated
  • Also available with marking laser

Download PowerWeld 3600 Brochure


  • More flexibility – wider range of applications
  • Larger working area - 40% more with single clamping
  • More laser power up to 320 watts
  • 4 clamping modules + servo option (S / M / L / XL): 120 – 3,200N
  • Higher productivity
  • Option double clamping module + light grid // 25% more output
  • State of the art / tool coding via RFID / digitally controlled scanner / HMI touchscreen

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