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LPKF ProtoPlace E4- PCB Prototyping

LPKF ProtoPlace E4- PCB Prototyping

LPKF ProtoPlace E4- Pick & Place System

The LPKF ProtoPlace E4 ensures precise component placement effortlessly with ergonomic one-hand operation. The magnetic PCB holder allows for flexible use of the working area, enhancing efficiency and adaptability. This system is immediately ready for use, eliminating the need for setup time and streamlining workflows seamlessly.


When assembling printed circuit boards with tiny SMD components, the support of an assembly system is required. With the LPKF Edition SMT ProtoPlace E4 manual pick & place system, components are safely removed from the component trays or integrated tape feeders by vacuum needle.

The ergonomically shaped placement tool is guided to the appropriate position above the PCB, the component is placed, and the vacuum is deactivated - all very easily with just one hand. An integrated camera, the monitor directly above the work surface, and the smooth running of the axes support precise work.

In order to hold a wide variety of components securely, several needle diameters are required. The common needle diameters are already included in the system, so that the ProtoPlace E4 can be used directly.

For component placement with the ProtoPlace E4, solder paste must be applied to the corresponding pads of the PCBs in advance. This can ideally be done with the dispensing function of an LPKF ProtoMat or via stencil printing with the LPKF ProtoPrint S4.


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