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  • Optilia BGA XL Digital Inspection System
  • Optilia BGA XL Digital Inspection System Flexia HD microscopic camera close up view
  • Optilia BGA XL Digital Inspection System actual unit orange background
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Optilia BGA XL Inspection System

Optilia Digital BGA Inspection System, XL: ESD-protected

Optilia new ‘XL’ kit has been configured in response to market demand and targets users who regularly inspect larger PCB boards. The XL kit fits into the range over the current top-of-the-line Optilia Extensive BGA inspection kit.

The key feature for improving the handling of larger boards is the inclusion of the extra large double-boom stand. This is able to provide the required reach up to 500mm and stability for placing the camera up to 300 mm over a board, more than double the reach capable using the Extensive kit.

Maneuvering a board during inspection is also made easier by using the PCB holder, a popular accessory that is now included in the XL kit. These standard elements obviously maintain the integrity of the system’s ESD protection.

  • Flexible and powerful digital vision system
  • Excellent for pictures of solder balls under BGA packages
  • Very fast and responsive auto focus
  • Works great with OptiPix software
  • Magnification of the lenses 5x - 350x
Packing List
  • Flexia Definition HM 5MP Digital ESD inc. 100x Objective lens
  • Side Viewing BGA lens with Ultra Small Size 90° optical probe
  • Small Size 90° Optical probe for BGA lens
  • BGA Micro Prism Background Illumination with electronic dimmer, Attachable
  • Brush Light, White LED with Dimmer and 2xAA battery tube and DC-adapter
  • Stand for Brush Light with large base and Extra long boom
  • 1-100x varifocal lens with built-in LED ringlight
  • RingLight White LED for 100x Objective
  • OptiPix Advanced with Data Base, including Calibration micrometer scale for BGA
  • Extra large Rack&Pinion Boom Stand, Coarse/fine movement, ESD-protected
  • Precision XY-Translation Board, 25x25mm travel, incl. 2x Quick feed micrometer screws. ESD-Protected
  • PCB Holder, ESD-Protected
  • Installation CD, User’s manual
  • Annual service and support for OptiPix (1 year)
  • Aluminum Transport Case, 380x295x80 with Foam inlet (one level)

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