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Seamark DT300 Desktop Desoldering and Detin Rework Station

Seamark DT300 Desktop Desoldering and Detin Rework Station

A Multifunctional Desktop desoldering and detin integrated rework station that integrates disassembly, tin removal and welding

The DT300 features strong compatibility, human-machine control, and can store multiple sets of product formulas. It supports CAD data import, quick setting of tin removal routes and CCD assisted setting of tin removal routes. The heating system uses closed-loop and precise temperature control while the tin removal components has non-contact vacuum tin removal, visual positioning and mounting welding for improved repair efficiency and yield. 


Non-Contact Tin Removal System

With a non-contact vacuum tin removal head, the vacuum flow adjusts the height of the tin removal head via real-time feedback to ensure non-contact tin removal. This effectively avoids any damage arising from tin removal and protects the product. 

Closed-Loop Temperature Control System

The infrared temperature heating, hot air heating system and tin removal heating system all adopt closed-loop temperature control for stable and accurate control. 

Quick Programming Control

With human-machine control, multiple sets of product formulas can be stored and called directly for use, and are simple and easy to edit. The tin removal route supports CAD data import and quick setting, and CCD assisted setting of tin removal route. 

CCD System

The combination of upper and lower CCD systems accurately locate and effectively ensure accuracy of installation. The CCD system can also support in setting tin removal route for new products. 

Power Supply AC: 220V +/- 10% 50/60Hz 1⌀
Total Power Total: 3.6KW (max)
Top Heater: 2KW
Bottom Heater: 1.2KW
Other: 0.8KW
PCB Size Max: 350 x 300 mm
Min: 10 x 10 mm
BGA Size Max: 60 x 60 x 30 mm
Min: 10 x 10 mm
Tin Removal Size Min: ⌀0.2 mm
Control System Industrial PC + Motion Control System
Temperature Control K-type Thermocouple Closed-Loop Control, with precise Temperature Range of +/- 3°C
Positioning Method L-Groove and Universal Fixture
Heating Method Top + Bottom Heating
Temperature Control Method Full Closed-Loop Control, Temperature Overshoot/Fluctuation not exceeding 5C, automatic monitoring of heating wire working status
Cooling Method Forced Air Cooling
Cooling Rate Fast Cooling, Single Board Cooling Rate of 0.8-1°C/s at 200-100°C
Temperature Measurement Interface 6pcs
Dimensions 852 L x 871 W x 795 H mm
Weight 90kg
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