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Seamark XL7800 Inline X-RAY Inspection

Seamark XL7800 Inline X-RAY Inspection

Inline X-Ray Inspection Machine for SMT Soldering with COMET open ray tube design


  • Automotive Power Module PTH Inspection
  • New Energy Vehicle PCB Control Board
  • Comet Open Micro-focus X-ray
  • Fully automatic inline detection in MCU-ECU/IGBT and other fields
  • Fully automatic inline detection of PCB board and PCBA solder joints
  • Simple operation of template setting, quick line change
  • Strong penetration and high resolution
  • Flat panel stereo rotation 60°, parallel rotation 360°, 2.5D imaging
  • Support MES system customised access
  • Automobile circuit board, control board automatic online detection
  • Simple and user-friendly software operation, powerful system algorithm
  • Large equipment detection area, strong compatibility 480 x 500mm
  • Real-time monitoring of radiation values with multiple level of protection for operator's safety

360° Rotation Observation Mode

  • Convenient 360° fixed point observation mode
  • 360 no dead angle online detection
  • Large rotation angle and strong equipment compatibility
  • 2D bubble detection software module

Transmission Mechanism Core Features

  • Large width adjustment range of loading guide rail (max 480 x 500mm)
  • Loading guide rail has good flexibility (left/right, forward/backward) and is bidirectional
  • 30KG max load
  • Conveyed with high-precision screw rod
  • Power axes driven by servo motors 

X-ray Tube

Tube Type Open Tube X Ray Source
Voltage Range 4160KV
Electricity Range 0 - 1000 uA
Max Output Power 10 W
Micro Focus Size <1 um

Flat Panel Detector

Detector Type TFT Industrial Dynamic Flat Panel Detector
Pixel Matrix 1536 x 1536
Field of View 130 x 130 mm
Resolution 5.8 Lp/mm
Frame (1 x 1) 20 fps
AD Conversion Bit 16 bits


Control System Synnex
Dimensions 1870 L x 2150 W x 2300 H mm
Input Power 220V +/-10% 50-60Hz
Operation System Industrial Computer WIN10 64Bit
Net Weight About 4950kg
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