FX-1003 IH Micro Hot Tweezers
FX-1003 IH Micro Hot Tweezers
FX-1003 IH Micro Hot Tweezers
FX-1003 IH Micro Hot Tweezers
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FX-1003 IH Micro Hot Tweezers

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FX-1003, the World's Smallest Class "IH Micro Hot Tweezers" that Makes Rework on 0402 Easy and Comfortable.

  • HAKKO's IH soldering station provides the world best class thermal performance.
  • 4 types of alignment to secure the right contact of tips and micro components
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable operation
  • Micro and precise tip lineup for a variety of rework
  • Multifunctional iron holder for convenience and comfort

Please refer to the User Manual for detailed specifications.

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Packing List
 Packing List Part No.
Unit (Handpiece only) FX-1003-81
 Packing List  Part No.
Unit FX-1003-82
Iron holder FH800-83BY
Cleaning brush  A5065
Cleaning sponge  A5038
Instruction Manual  -



Unique Features of HAKKO's IH Technology (PATENTED)

"Power Assist Function" makes HAKKO's IH Soldering Station different.

  • By monitoring RF output, the station detects tip temperature drop during the soldering process and then increases the output.
  • This function minimizes tip temperature drop and helps the temperature recover quickly. As a result, it can improve soldering efficiency and quality.
"BOOST Mode" for Extra Power
  • The mode is to boost tip temperature slightly.
  • It can fill out the slight temperature gap among tips and minimize the individual differences in tip temperature. Also it is useful when some extra power is needed.

Excellent thermal performance

  • The excellent thermal performance is achieved by the principle of IH (High-Frequency Induction Heating) that directly heats a soldering tip.
  • The thermal power that does not decline even with a smaller tip is very effective in micro soldering.

Four Types of Alignment to Secure the Right Contact of Tips and Micro Components

  • The right contact of tips and components increases heat transfer, and it improves work efficiency.

Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Operation

  • The handpiece with the compact and asymmetric design with heat-resistant covers fits the hand, gives better stability, helps reduce the burden of operation, and supports precise and accurate works.

Micro and Precise Tip Lineup for a Variety of Rework

  • The lineup of T38 series tips has a wider range than the tips for conventional tweezers and has tips to rework on 0402 components.

Multifunctional Iron Holder for Convenience and Comfort

  • Iron Holder with the AUTO SLEEP / AUTO SHUTOFF Function

IH Soldering Station with Excellent Thermal Performance

  • No Temperature Setting Required
Tip temperature is fixed by tip series. No setting temperature is required before use. Because there is no heating element, there is no chance of degradation of a heating element, and no calibration is required.
  • No Overshoot 
Because tip temperature is fixed by a physical phenomenon, there is no chance of overshoot.

Model No.


Temperature Range T38-02 Series: 400℃, T38-03 Series: 350℃
Weight 32g (with T38-02D1)
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground potential <2mV
Heating element IH (High-Frequency Induction Heating)
Standard tip T38 Series
Cord length 1.3m
Total length 130mm (with T38-02D1)
Weight 32g (with T38-02D1)

* Total length and weight (w/o cord)

    Soldering Tips
      T38 Series

    Shape I

    For 350°C

    • T38-03I
    • T38-03IS

    For 400°C

    • T38-02I
    • T38-02IS

    Shape J

    For 350°C

    • T38-03J
    • T38-03JS

    For 400°C

    • T38-02J
    • T38-02JS

    Shape K

    For 350°C

    • T38-03K

    For 400°C

    • T38-02K

    Shape L

    For 350°C

    • T38-03L1
    • T38-03L2

    For 400°C

    • T38-02L1
    • T38-02L2
    Replacement Parts



    FX1003-82 HAKKO FX-1003 conversion kit With Iron Holder
    FX1003-81 Hot tweezers handpiece FX-1003
    FH800-83BY Iron Holder With cleaning sponge and cleaning brush For FX-1003
    A5065 Cleaning Brush For FH-800
    A5038 Cleaning Sponge Yellow
    A5064 Iron Cover For FX-1003


    Part No.




    HAKKO FX-100

    *The HAKKO FX-100 temperature controller only is not available for separate purchase. Please contact your local distributor/dealer for the part number of complete set of FX-100.

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