Multilayer Solutions

Production of up to 8 layers in-house

LPKF Multilayer

A multilayer printed circuit board are multiple layers that are laminated together to form a printed circuit board. The outer layers are usually single-sided PCBs, while the inner layers are made from double-sided material. Insulating layers, also known as prepregs, are inserted between the conductive layers. Up to four layers can be through-hole plated in a chemical-free process. For electrical connection of up to eight layers, through-hole electroplating is recommended.

LPKF offers a complete prototyping product line for production of multilayers in an in-house lab. The multilayers are produced in three simple steps: structuring, lamination, and through-hole plating.

LPKF Multilayer

1. Structuring

An LPKF ProtoMat circuit board plotter or an LPKF ProtoLaser structures the traces on the base material using the layout data. Supported by automatic tool change and a camera for recording of fiducials, the system accomplishes this layer by layer – nearly automatically.

LPKF ProtoMat S104 LPKF ProtoMat S104
Specialist for RF and microwave applications
LPKF ProtoLaser S4 LPKF ProtoLaser S4
Structure, engrave and cut in a single operation

2. Lamination

After structuring, the layers are aligned precisely and stacked. “Prepregs” insulate the traces on the different layers, connecting the various layers during lamination. The LPKF MultiPress S4 hydraulic press is used for lamination, with the preset process profiles producing perfect results, even for HF multilayers.

LPKF MultiPress S4 LPKF MultiPress S4
Intuitive software for PCB lamination

3. Through-Hole Plating

The electrical connections between the individual layers form the final conductor structure. The LPKF Contac S4 drills the through-holes. LPKF ProConduct is used for electrical connection – in a chemical-free process using a special conductive paste. For more than four layers, through-hole electroplating is recommended.

LPKF ProConduct LPKF ProConduct
Chemical-free system designed for lab use
LPKF Contac S4
LPKF Contac S4
Easy and safe to operate without chemical know-how
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