Stencil Production

PCB Stencils LPKF

Stencils are designed for high-volume solder paste printing onto PCB (Printed Circuit Board), saving both time and costs. At Tokimeku, stencil designs can be made-to-order according to the specific needs of your production line. 

Our stencils services include: 

Fine Grain Material (SE1)

Fine Grain Material

With Fine Grain (also known as SE1), the solder paste does not adhere as strongly to the stencil walls. This allows for easier release when the PCB is removed, leaving behind less paste residue on the stencil.

This further enables the printing of smaller stencil apertures without reductions in foil thickness, while the less paste residue allows for an increase in the number of prints between each stencil cleaning.

Step Up/Step Down

Step Up Step Down

The step-up/step-down stencil is a special development for the adjustment of solder paste quantity, fulfilling the needs of placement and soldering. This includes the laser cutting and chemical etching process to remove the metal according to required thickness on specific location, as well as the resulting stencil characteristics and the potential of the printing process.

Remounting Services

Remounting Stencils

A well-framed stencil produces crisp and accurate solder paste prints. However, prolonged usage of stencils may result in the frames getting loose, reducing the positional accuracy. Tokimeku Precision Engineering provides additional remounting services to fit the metal masks onto new frames.

Nano Coating

Nano Coating

A coating which “repels” solder paste, thereby reducing solder clogging in stencil openings. This helps to increase through-put with less cleaning required, while still maintaining the sharp paste definition.

Mini Stencils

Mini Stencils

Material: Stainless Steel

Mini stencils are designed to deposit precise amounts of solder paste for single BGA footprints on loaded PCBs. It is mainly used for BGA rework.



Material: Stainless Steel

A “Gobo” is a small stenciled circular disc, used in lighting fixtures to create a projected image or pattern. It is fitted onto a frame at the end of a light source, filtering the light and creating a picture effect on the stage.

Advantages of Tokimeku's Stencil Production

Tokimeku allows for full customised design based on your requirements or circuit board layout. With our range of Laser Stencil Cutting machines, Tokimeku is able to produce stencils with clean and crisp cut-outs. 

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