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Tokimeku Precision Engineering provides services such as automated solutions, jigs and fixtures, precision and application, stencil production, workstation fabrications, etc

Tokimeku provides a wide range of services and customised solutions for the manufacturing and electronic industries. Every application can be designed to suit your specific production line, whether big or small, completely created to meet your needs.

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Automated Solutions

Get the best automated solutions with Tokimeku, with a vast offering of quality turnkey solutions such as vision inspection systems, auto-screwdrivers and auto-dispensing machines that fits seamlessly into your manufacturing process and is ready to use upon implementation.

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Jigs and Fixtures Production

Jigs and fixtures are specially designed so that large numbers of components can be milled, machined or assembled identically, and to ensure interchangeability of components. Tokimeku performs the design and fabrication of jig and fixture assemblies to your requirement, ensuring that every part fits where its supposed to.

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Application/Job Shop Services

Tokimeku offers application services such as laser marking, wave pallet, auto-soldering machine application and auto-dispensing machine application. These services are carried out with equipment from top companies, such as LPKF, Vessel, Needham etc. 

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Workstation Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of cutting and bending sheet metal to build equipment and structures. It is more cost-effective compared to CNC when dealing with sheet metal of uniform thickness.

Tokimeku's fabrication services includes creating fully customised workdesks, workstations, storage shelves, trolleys etc from sheet metal and mild steel. Tokimeku manufactures workstations that are efficient and suitable for your production process, with safety and efficient space allocation as our priority. An ergonomic design also ensures ease of use and comfort to the user.

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Precision Services

Tokimeku Precision Engineering provides you with the best precision services. From CNC Milling and Lathe Parts Machining where computer numerical control is used to produce a part or product of your design, to Conventional Machine Milling and Lathe to suit all your needs. 

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Stencil Production

Stencils are designed for high-volume solder paste printing onto PCB (Printed Circuit Board), saving both time and costs. At Tokimeku, stencil designs can be made-to-order according to the specific needs of your production line. 

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