FPC Magnetic Carriers

Magnetic Carrier


Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC), also known as flex circuits, are circuit boards that are bendable, or has a portion that can be bent. Because of its soft, bendable nature, FPCs are often difficult to position or align during printing, patching and furnace.

To make it easier to handle, FPC magnetic carriers are used to hold the FPC in place during processing. A magnetic carrier comprises a magnetic carrier and a magnetic plate, both of which can be stuck together to hold the flexible circuit board in place. The magnetic plate has cut-outs on its surface to expose parts of the circuit board for processing, which can be customised to according to the design of the FPC. 

A bakelite alignment base can be added to aid in the positioning of the magnetic carrier and magnetic plate and to prevent misalignment.

Alignment Base

Alignment Base

Magnetic Base

Magnetic Carrier

Magnetic Plate

Metal Mask

Final Assembly of Magnetic Carrier

Completed Assembly

Benefits of FPC Magnetic Carriers:

Image Prevents deformation of FPC during processing
Image Able to withstand high temperatures
Image Solder flow is reduced during FPC reflow
Image Simple and easy to operate


  • Alignment base: Bakelite
  • Magnet Carrier: Aluminium
  • Magnet Plate/Template: Stainless steel


Our FPC Magnetic Carriers are highly customisable to suit your production line. Customers can request for a magnetic carrier with or without the Bakelite alignment base. Reach out to our friendly sales staff here!

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