Rental of Equipment and Services

Do you need a machine for a single project? Or do you wish to try it out with no commitments? 

Equipment Rental 

Tokimeku and Hakko Products now allows for short term rental of our equipment! Rent it for your specified period of time and simply return it to us after. 
It's a no stress, no fuss transaction that allows you to use the equipment for a short period without having to purchase it at its full value. 

Rental Rate: 25% of equipment price per month*

*excludes consumables (tips, nozzles, filters, solder wire etc)

Chat with our sales staff here for a discussion on product and pricing.


Service for a fee (Available soon)

You may also choose to rent our services instead, for those who need a guide or assistance on how to use the equipment. 
Make an appointment and head on down to our Experience Centre (coming soon) to use our equipment and leave with your final product. 

End up developing an attachment to the equipment, or needing it for more projects? Fret not, we can have a discussion on the conversion of a rental to your very own unit!

View our Equipment here.