G3 Blue Shower (16 Oz Aerosol) [Pre-Order]

G3 Blue Shower (16 Oz Aerosol) [Pre-Order]

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[This is a pre-order product and will take 8-12 weeks to arrive. Kindly view pre-order FAQs before purchasing.]

G3 Blue Shower is a non-flammable cleaner formulated to be powerful, yet economical.
Eliminate brushing and scrubbing, saving time and materials.
Clean oil and contaminants off of metal parts, printed circuit boards, barcode instruments, switch boxes, gear relays, and electronic motor controllers.
Techspray has produced Blue Shower® maintenance cleaners for over 30 years, making Blue Shower a staple in maintenance departments all over the world!


  • Powerful cleaner
  • Non-flammable
  • Rapid evaporation
  • Zero residue
  • Dielectric strength 27.3 kv
  • Non-ozone depleting
  • NSF registered K1 and K2

For more information, please review the Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet.