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Hakko FG-450 Static Level Meter

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  • Portable static level meter for the measurement of electric potential for films and plastic objects
  • Useful for the check of electric potential measurement in production lines
  • Also suitable for the operation test of static eliminators and static potential check for computers

Portable Static Level Meter, easily measured anywhere with Rotating Sensor Head.
Rotating Sensor Head enables you to read the measurement value easily at any pointing angle.
Rotates 180 degree by 45 degree increments

Two modes for measuring electric potential:
Electric Potential Measurement

  • Momentary and peak value of static electric potential.
  • Human body static electric potential, which can be hard to measure in general, can be easily measured with Option Charging Level Measurement Plate for Body attached to the unit.
  • Measurement for the charged object.
  • Measurement value can be hold temporarily by pressing Hold Button.

Ion Balance Measurement for Ionization Equipment such as the HAKKO FE-510 Static Eliminator etc.

  • Ion balance of the object cannot be measured.

The unit of measurement value on display is ‘kV’.
If the result of measurement is 10V, the value on display shows ‘0.01kV’ in case of static electric potential.
If the result of measurement is 1V, the value on display shows ‘0.001kV’ in case of ion balance.

The distance between the sensor and the charged object should be 30mm.
Easily adjust the distance by the Red LED mark pointing at the charged object. The red light is projected at a 30mm distance. 

Simple Adjustment
Adjust Zero Point easily with just a single touch of a button.

Battery indicator informs you the replacement timing of battery.
When the battery charge icon shows one unit left on display, replace the battery.
NOTE If you do not intend to use this device for an extended length of time, remove the battery.


Packing List: HAKKO FG-450 (With carrying case), Grounding wire, Strap, 006P type 9V dry cell battery (For trial), Ion Balance Plate (With screw). Instruction Manual

  • Power supply: 006P 9V dry battery
  • Measurable potential range - Normal mode : 0.00 to ±19.99kV (resolution : 0.01kV)
  • Measurable potential range - Ion balance mode : 0.000 to ±1.999kV (resolution : 0.001kV)
  • Signal detection method: Oscillating chopper method
  • Display refresh frequency: 0.5seconds
  • Measurement precision: ±10% of reading ±2 digit
  • Continuous operating limit: Approx. 10hour (with alkaline battery)
  • Measurement distance: 30mm (between object being measured and sensor)
  • Measurement distance: adjustment Red LED beam focusing method
  • Sensor head rotation angle: 180º (in increments of 45º)
  • Display: LCD display with built-in backlight
  • Polarity display: Positive polarity/negative polarity display
  • Mode switching: Ion balance/static electricity measurement modes
  • Battery check: Remaining charge displayed in display panel
  • Operating environment: Ambient temperature/humidity range : 0 to 40ºC, 20 to 70%RH (without condensation)
  • Dimensions: 68(W)×138(H)×22(D)mm
  • Weight: 160g (Including Battery)
Part Number Product Name
B3585 Ion Balance Plate
B3584 Grounding Wire
B3586 Body Charging Level Measurement Plate

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