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Optilia W30 EasyView (HDMI) / Easyview 4K Inspection System

Optilia W30 EasyView (HDMI) / Easyview 4K Inspection System

240mm working distance, 30x optical zoom with highly sensitive 1080p HD sensor suitable for bench tasks

Optilia W30x-HD EasyView is one in a series of solutions offering fast, cost effective and ergonomic performance enabling first class inspection without sacrificing throughput. To accomplish this the W30x-HD camera has been configured using a powerful formula combining a 30x optical zoom, very fast and responsive auto focus and a highly sensitive 1080p High Definition sensor.

The EasyView version has a working distance of 240mm making it ideal for most bench tasks. It is supplied with a smart custom stand designed for flexibility with a number of positioning possibilities, to give clear and clutter free bench space whilst working on objects under inspection. All W30x series products are presented as discrete plug-and-play systems featuring robust camera housings to suit demanding environments and a neat integrated bench top control unit that connects simply to the desired TV monitor.

The control unit provides Zooming, selection and manual control of Focus and Brightness, picture Freeze and a System ON/OFF switch.

  • Working distance of 240mm
  • 30x optical zoom
  • Very fast and responsive auto focus
  • Laser pointer for precision
  • Including boom stand and control unit
Optional Upgrades
  • E Upgrade to ESD-protected housing
  • M Upgrade to Hermetically Sealed housing IP64
  • OP-009 220 Joystick Camera Control Unit upgrade with Double Save/Recall, Cross-line and Zoom Display

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