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  • Techspray Freezer - Freeze Spray 1672-15S 15 Oz (425g) Aerosol
  • Applying Techspray Freezer - Freeze Spray 1672-10S 10 Oz (283g) Aerosol onto PCB
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Freezer - Freeze Spray

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Techspray Freeze Spray
1672-10S (10 Oz Aerosol)
1672-15S (15 Oz Aerosol)

Pure HFC-134a freeze spray blast, fast evaporating, super-chill liquid for troubleshooting aid for faulting capacitors, resistors, semiconductors and other defective components on PCB.

[This is a pre-order product and may take 8-12 weeks to arrive. Kindly view pre-order FAQs before purchasing.]


Rapidly evaporating liquid that super-chills isolated areas. Used as a troubleshooting aid for intermittently faulting capacitors, resistors, semiconductors, and other defective components. It also increases visibility of cold solder joints, cracks in printed circuit boards and oxidized junctions.

  • 100% pure HFC-134a
  • Nonflammable
  • Non-ozone depleting
  • Moisture free
  • Zero residue
  • Safe on plastics
  • VOC exempt
  • Chills down to -60°F (-51°C)
  • Cool equipment for testing
  • Dissipate heat while soldering or desoldering
  • Isolate thermal intermittent components
  • Test circuit traces for continuity
  • Test printed circuit boards for stress fractures
  • Track intermittent failures and shorts
  • 1672-15S (15 Oz / 425g Aerosol)
  • 1672-10S (10 Oz / 283g Aerosol)

For more information, please review the Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet.