What is Flux?

Flux is a chemical cleaning agent used in soldering to remove oxides and contaminants from the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). It can be used before or during the soldering process to prevent further oxidation that can affect a good solder joint. The flux also allows the molten solder to flow evenly by changing the surface tension, ensuring more comprehensive coverage and stronger solder joints.

Importance of Removing Flux

Despite the advantages of using flux in soldering, it is important to remove flux residues from the PCB after soldering. Flux residues on the PCB not only look unsightly but can also corrode the board and cause current leakages that can lead to undervoltage and possible short circuits.

Methods of using TECHSPRAY Flux Remover

Overall Spray

This method of spraying is the simplest, without any straws or brush. It is a quick way to cover the entire board or as a quick rinse after the cleaning process. By keeping the board wet, it prevents partially dissolved flux from drying out and leaving white residues on the board.

Remember to hold the PCB at an angle to allow the solvent and residue to flow around and under components and drain off completely for a cleaner board.

Extension tube / straw

An extension straw allows the user to spray with pinpoint accuracy and increase spray pressure for more agitation. Spray on each corner of the component and then on the connectors. Then remove the straw and rinse the entire area.

Brush Cleaning

Techspray flux removers come with a brush attachment that allows solvent to flow through the brush, allowing you to scrub and saturate stubborn residues.

There are 2 ways to use the brush

  1. Pull the trigger to release the solvent when brushing over the board where more flux was used. Gently scrub components to avoid damage and keep the area wet during the cleaning process. Remove the brush and rinse the PCB when cleaning is complete.
  2. Place a wipe over the component and scrub through the wipe, while releasing the solvent. This breaks up the flux residue and allows it to soak into the cloth, preventing cross-contamination when a very isolated area needs to be cleaned.

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