Laser Plastic Welding

Enhancing Production Efficiency with High-End Laser Plastic Welding

LPKF Laser Plastic Welding

Laser plastic welding is a cost-effective solution to create permanent, reliable and precise plastic joints. It is the best way to join plastic components without adverse chemical, thermal, mechanical effects on the surrounding material. 


A laser beam is shone through a laser-transparent and a laser-absorbent material, which fuses and joins both pieces together at the lasered spot. No matter the shape or complexity of your product, laser plastic welding can be integrated into your production line to provide the best welding joints. 


While commonly used in the automotive industry, laser plastic welding is also used to create everyday household items and electronics with safer, sturdier joints. In addition, Laser plastic welding plays an important role in the medical technology sector, producing clean and hygienic seams.

Automobile Industry
Contour-perfect welding allows for comfort and safety in vehicles 

Medical Sector
Produces hygienic and hermetically sealed joints that are reliable for clean rooms
Protects complex electrodes or sensitive components with contact free laser welding
Consumer Products
Complex shapes and sizes can be laser welded to produce smooth and safe toys


  • Simple process setup - (nearly) child's play
  • Efficient processing in seconds
  • Highly flexible processing thanks to easy job setup
  • Reliability through process monitoring
  • Top quality standards
  • Best possible welding results
  • Highly available, low-maintenance machines  


  • New and one-of-a-kind: Identical and repeatable results on all calibrated LPKF laser welding machines
  • Perfectly clean: no released particles, no solvents, no chemical treatment, no surface damage
  • No mechanical stress onto the component
  • Precise results: exact weld seams inside components
  • Truly impermeable: up to protection class 67
  • Aesthetically appealing results
  • Flexible and with online process monitoring

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