Laser Technology for Molded Interconnect Device (MID)

Molded Interconnected Devices


3D Molded Interconnect Devices (MID) are plastic moldings that incorporate an integrated conductive pattern, combining the mechanical and electrical functionality into one component. 3D MIDs can be produced through the Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) method. LDS enhances the benefits introduced by the two-component injection molding. 

LDS is performed immediately after injection molding of the single-component carrier. A laser beam transfers the circuit layout directly from the computer to the carrier without any tools or masks needed. The subsequent metallization and SMD assembly lead to high-quality developed products.  

Application of MID

LDS technology is used in other LPKF processes such as through-hole plating, metallization and as well as in assembly of components. It is also proven to be reliable in variety of everyday context. There are many uses of LDS such as the following:

Automotive Engineering Automotive Engineering
e.g. Sensor Devices, Antennas, Steering Wheel Controls
Telecommunications Telecommunication
e.g. Antenna in mobile phones 
Medical Industry Medical Industry
e.g. Hearing Aids, Blood & Sugar measuring devices
Consumer Goods Consumer Goods
e.g. Air-Conditioner


High Degree Design Freedom & Shorter Assembly Time

Processing materials with a laser provides clearly defined input of energy on the material and fast processing speed. The layout of the circuit is not predetermined by the geometry of a special tool. Thus, this results in a shorter development time and high degree of flexibility.

Miniaturization & Low Initial Cost

The conductive traces are generated on the surfaces of the 3D injection-folded parts. This way both electronic and mechanical functions can be integrated together to produce low cost and smaller devices. 

Fewer Process Steps

The LDS process only involves low count of clamping steps / processing positions.

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