New product launched - 3 ply disposable face masks

COVID-19 has really affected the economy (believe me, our little SME feels it!), and our revenue is at less than 15% of our target revenue even though we are 1/3 through 2020. With the progress of Covid-19 worldwide, this is likely to get worse. How worrying and mortifying! Honestly, we are getting tired of looking at the balance sheet and cash flow statement (as if eye power would help to generate better numbers), and have decided to channel all this anxiety into doing something more meaningful.

The Pivot 

And soooo we decided to bring in a consistent supply of good quality face masks!Recently our family and friends have been buying masks that are priced around S$40 without proper certification and testing reports. We read so many articles on "fake masks" and saw so many variations in the market that we thought, why don't we use all our engineers' technically inclined brains to study this?

And study we did. Verifying information, reading up on certification, understanding what materials were used and why... Many asked, "Why are you taking so long? Aren't you missing the boat?"

If you were importing goods to sell to your friends and family, wouldn't you be as careful and meticulous? These masks are meant to protect the people we love. We had to take this seriously.

This is a product that Tokimeku sourced for and pushed out to the market from our heart. In our time of struggle, we are happy to know that we have at least contributed a little to keeping some people safe.

Stay tuned as we launch this product at the end of April!

#stayhomestaysafe #sgunited #smelife

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