Techspray WonderMASK Temporary Solder Masks

Techspray WonderMASK temporary solder masks provide several benefits for electronics assembly and the manufacturing of PCBs (printed circuit boards). Here are some of the key advantages:


WonderMASK offers excellent protection for PCBs during soldering and rework procedures. It acts as a protective barrier, guarding sensitive components, pads, and traces from solder splatter, residues from flux, and various impurities. This effectively mitigates the chances of short circuits, bridging, and typical issues encountered during soldering. As a result, the potential harm to the PCB is significantly reduced.

Easy Application

The application of WonderMASK is straightforward due to its adaptable and peelable characteristics. It comes in the form of a liquid mask that can be easily applied using a brush, squeegees, or other suitable tools. The mask adapts to intricate shapes and contours, ensuring thorough coverage and protection.

Controlled Application

WonderMASK empowers you with the ability to control the areas you wish to protect. You can selectively apply the mask to specific regions of the PCB, enabling accurate and targeted protection. This feature is particularly useful when you need to protect certain components or specific areas during the soldering process.

High Temperature Resistance

WonderMASK offers great resistance to high temperatures typically encountered during soldering and rework operations. It can withstand the heat generated by soldering irons, wave soldering, and other soldering techniques, ensuring the mask remains intact and effective.

Easy Removal

One major benefit of WonderMASK is its peelable nature. After soldering or rework is done, you can simply peel off the mask, and you'll have a clean surface without any residue. This makes the cleanup process easier and removes the necessity for extra cleaning steps.


WonderMASK works well with different materials commonly utilized in soldering methods like wave soldering, selective soldering, hand soldering, and reflow soldering. It's also compatible with various solder alloys, whether they're lead-free or leaded, which makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

Reliable Protection

WonderMASK delivers reliable protection, guaranteeing that the areas covered by the mask remain unaffected throughout the soldering procedure. This prevents unintended solder deposits, residues from flux, and other contaminants from affecting the protected sections, thus reducing the chance of flaws and enhancing the overall quality of the product.

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