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373-8 Solder Feed System 230V

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Availability: Pre-Order | Lead Time: 8-12 Weeks

The 373 Solder Feed System provides control of the solder amount by feed time and feed speed, giving you one-handed soldering with no loss of efficiency.
Click to view the combinations of accessories required for the 373/374 Solder Feed System.

NEW Introducing the new tube unit and guide pipe assembly for the best productivity. Click to read more.


AUTO mode: Feeds solder in the specified time and at the specified speed once the switch is pressed. 
MANUAL mode: Feeds solder at the specified speed while the switch is pressed and held.

Control of solder amount
Amount of solder feed can be controlled by the combination of feed "time" and feed "speed". (Only in AUTO mode)

'Solder-return' mechanism
The 373 is equipped with the function to draw back solder by the specified length after feeding. This reduces the thermal impact of the high-temperature tip on solder and flux. Click to read more about 'Solder-Return'.

One-Handed Soldering

Unlike traditional manual soldering, where one hand holds the soldering iron and the other feeds the solder wire, the tube unit and guide pipe assembly allows for both functions to be done with just one hand. Click to learn about our new tube unit and guide pipe assembly!
Required optional parts

  • Solder Diameter Adjustment Ring
  • Tube Unit
  • Guide Pipe Assembly
  • Iron receptacle
Two-handed soldering (Soldering with a feeder pen)

The auto-solder feed system with the feeder pen enables the control of amount of solder to feed. It is useful for any type of soldering iron.
Required optional parts

  • Solder Diameter Adjustment Ring
  • Feeder Pen
  • Switch
Packing List
  • 373 Unit
  • User Manual

*All accessories and attachments sold separately. The tube unit, guide pipe assembly and solder diameter adjustment ring are not included with the product. These parts should be purchased according to your soldering iron and solder wire diameter.

    • Power consumption: 6W
    • Solder feed time: 0 to 7second (Auto Mode)
    • Solder feed speed: 4.5 to 26mm/sec.
    • Solder feed quantity: 0 to 182mm
    • Solder return quantity: 0 to 5mm (Fixed speed)
    • Modes: Auto/Manual
    • Usable solder diameter: Φ0.6, Φ0.65, Φ0.8, Φ1.0, Φ1.2mm
    • Usable solder quantity: 1kg or less
    • Dimensions: 107(W)×110(H)×215(D)mm
    • Weight: 1.5kg (with cord)

    Replacement Parts

    Part Number Product Name
    B1699 0.6mm Nozzle
    B1700 0.8mm Nozzle
    B1701 1.0mm Nozzle
    B1702 1.2mm Nozzle
    B1703 1.6mm Nozzle

    Optional Parts

    Part Number Product Name
    C5056 Tube Unit, Bottom-feed type. 0.6-1.0mm with hexagon wrench
    B5268 Guide pipe assembly/ bottom-feed type, for C5056.0.6mm, 0.65mm
    B5269 Guide pipe assembly/ bottom-feed type, for C5056. 0.8mm
    B5270 Guide pipe assembly/ bottom-feed type, for C5056.1.0mm
    C5057 Tube Unit, Bottom-feed type. 1.2mm with hexagon wrench
    B5271 Guide pipe assembly/ bottom-feed type, for C5057.1.2mm
    C5058 Tube Unit, Bottom-feed type. 0.6-1.0mm with hexagon wrench
    B5272 Guide pipe assembly/ bottom-feed type, for C5058.0.6mm, 0.65mm
    B5273 Guide pipe assembly/ bottom-feed type, for C5058.0.8mm
    B5274 Guide pipe assembly/ bottom-feed type, for C5058.1.0mm
    C5059 Tube Unit, Bottom-feed type. 1.2mm with hexagon wrench
    B5275 Guide pipe assembly/ bottom-feed type, for C5059.1.2mm
    B5265, B5266, B5267 Iron receptacle for bottom-feed type (with screws)
    B1626 Solder diameter adjustment ring. 0.6mm, 0.65mm
    B1627 Solder diameter adjustment ring. 0.8mm
    B1628 Solder diameter adjustment ring. 1.0mm
    B1629 Solder diameter adjustment ring. 1.2mm
    B1630 Solder diameter adjustment ring. 1.6mm
    B3481, B3726,
    B5072, B3566,
    B1694, B2146,
    Guide pipe assembly. 373 : 0.6mm, 0.65mm / 374 : 0.6mm
    B3482, B3727,
    B5073, B3567,
    B1695, B2147,
    Guide pipe assembly. 0.8mm
    B3483, B3728,
    B5074, B3568,
    B1696, B2148,
    Guide pipe assembly. 1.0mm
    B3484, B3729,
    B5075, B3569,
    B1697, B2149,
    Guide pipe assembly. 1.2mm
    B3570, B1698,
    B2150, B2155
    Guide pipe assembly. 1.6mm
    B3477 Tube unit M with switch, 0.6-1.0mm. Requires spacer B5183 for FX-1001 (sold separately).
    B3563 Tube unit R, with switch, 0.6-1.0mm
    B3564 Tube unit S, with switch, 373 : 1.2-1.6mm / 374 : 1.2mm
    B3478 Tube unit N, with switch, 1.2mm. Requires spacer B5183 for FX-1001 (sold separately).
    B1957 Tube unit E, with switch, 0.6-1.0mm
    B1958 Tube unit F, with switch, 373 : 1.2-1.6mm / 374 : 1.2mm
    B2143 Tube unit J, with switch, 0.6-1.0mm
    B2144 Tube unit K, with switch, 373 : 1.2-1.6mm / 374 : 1.2mm
    B5183 Spacer for FX-1001 tube unit
    C1234 Feeder Pen A, 0.6-1.0mm
    C1235 Feeder Pen B, 1.2-1.6mm
    B2124 Feeder Switch
    FT-720 Tip Cleaner
    B1649 Foot Switch

    Discontinued Parts

    Product Name Part Number
    Guide Pipe Assembly B1674, B1675, B1676, B1677, B1678, B1679, B1680, B1681, B1682, B1683, B1684, B1685, B1686, B1687, B1688, B1689, B1690, B1691, B1692, B1693
    Tube Unit B1631, B1672, B1632, B1673
    Spring Iron Holder B1648
    Iron Holder with Cleaning Sponge 631-07

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