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393-1 Pen-vacuum Pick Up

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Portable Suction Pick Up Tool

  • Requires no power or pump
  • Portable, easy-to-carry manual pick up pen
  • Max. pick up capacity 40gf
  • Holds components with vacuum suction
  • Perfect for precision work
    - For handling surface mounted components
    - For tiny, irregularly shaped components
    - For spherical objects that cannot be picked up with tweezers
  • Slim pen-type body for convenience
  • Anti-static to prevent electro static discharge
Nozzle and Pad Combinations
Nozzle Pad (mm dia.) Max. Suction Power (Approx)



A1166 (3mm) 3gf
A1312 (5mm) 10gf (Option)
A1167 (7mm) 18gf
A1311 (10mm) 40gf

*A1165 and A1486 are the only applicable nozzles
*The maximum suction power varies depending on object surface
*Nozzles cannot be used alone. It has to be used with the pads

 How to Use/Application

Simple and Easy Operation by Pressing or Releasing the Button on the Handle

  • Match the nozzle and pad closely on the component surface
  • Press the button on the pen to create a suction
  • Release the button to pick up the component
  • A nozzle and pad can be stored in the rear end of the pen for convenience

*The Hakko Pick Up Tools are designed to be used on micro components but not to suction dust. Dust picked up by the tool may clog the system and cause product failure.

Packing List
Unit 393-1
Bent Nozzles A1165
Pads A1166, A1167A1311
Instruction Manual -
  • Model: 393
  • Pad: Conductive Silicone Rubber
  • Dimensions: 13mm dia x 132mm
  • Weight: 19g

*Weight measured without nozzle and pad

Replacement Parts
Part No. Specifications
A1165 1.1mm dia Bent Nozzle with stopper
A1166 3.0mm dia Pad
A1167 7.0mm dia Pad
A1486 1.1mm dia Straight Nozzle with stopper
A1312 5.0mm dia Pad
A1311 10.0mm dia Pad