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  • Hakko 394-01 cordless vacuum pen pick up tool using battery for suction of small electronic components
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394-01 Pen-vacuum Pick Up

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Cordless Suction Pick Up Tool

  • Ultra-compact high powered pump eliminates the need for a power cord and air tube
  • Battery-powered
  • Max pick up suction capacity of 120gf
  • Continuous suction allows easy object handling
  • Soft touch switch
  • Ergonomic pen type design
  • Antistatic material to prevent electrostatic discharge
  • Nozzle with stopper (prevents nozzle nib from shooting through the pad, damaging components and causing suction failure)
Nozzle and Pad Combinations
Nozzle Pad (mm dia.) Max. Suction Power



A1166 (3mm) 6gf (Option)
A1312 (5mm) 40gf
A1167 (7mm) 80gf (Option)
A1311 (10mm) 120gf

*A1165 and A1486 are the only applicable nozzles
*The maximum suction power varies depending on object surface

Nozzle Max. Suction Power Application

A1164 (0.4mm)

Bent Nozzle (Optional)

0.6gf Chip resistors, other tiny components

A1198 (0.26mm)

Bent Nozzle (Optional)

- 0603 Chip

*A1164 and A1198 can be used without pad

How to Use/Applications
  • Semiconductor related works
  • SMD Pick Ups
  • SMT PCB Assembly
  • Conveyance of ICs

Comfortable for long periods of work

  • Ergonomic design for comfort in the hands
  • Just match the suction pad closely with the object surface, and press the button to turn on the suction to pick up.

Pick up 0603 Chip Component with Bent Nozzle

  • The Hakko 394 provides the high precision work required to pick up tiny components like 0603
  • Use the optional Bent Nozzle A1198

Wide Variety of Pads for Different Components

  • 4 types of pads sizes available for Hakko 394
  • Suction pick up can be easily and continuously performed with the battery powered 394
  • Stopper function with pad prevents object from being damaged

*The Hakko Pick Up Tools are designed to be used on micro components but not to suction dust. Dust picked up by the tool may clog the system and cause product failure.

Packing List
Unit 394-01
Bent Nozzles A1165
Pads A1311, A1312
AAA Alkaline Battery
Instruction Manual -
  • Model: 394
  • Power Supply: 2x AAA Batteries
  • Pad: Conductive Silicone Rubber
  • Time of continuous use: Approx 30,000 pick up times(with alkaline batteries) / Appox 15 hours
  • Suction capacity: 120gf (with 1.0mm dia pad)
  • Dimensions: 130 (W) x 29 (H) x 22 (D) mm
  • Weight: 43g

*Weight measured without batteries nozzle and pad
*30,000 suction times: 26 mm x 26 mm QFP is pickup for 2 seconds using a 10 mm dia pad and then released for 1 second. This cycle is repeated cominuously unit the QFP is no longer picked up.
*15 Hours: This is the time period from the moment 26 mm x 26 mm QFP starts being pickup using a 10 mm dia pad to the moment the QFP drops.

Replacement Parts
Part No. Specifications
A1164 0.4mm dia Bent Nozzle
A1165 1.1mm dia Bent Nozzle with stopper
A1166 3.0mm dia Pad
A1167 7.0mm dia Pad
A1198 0.26mm dia Bent Nozzle
A1486 1.1mm dia Straight Nozzle with stopper
A1312 5.0mm dia Pad
A1311 10.0mm dia Pad
B2690 Joint with filter
B2692  Silicone Tube with Filter