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611-1 Reel Stand

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  • Solder reel stand for coiled solder with max. load of 1kg
  • Smooth action to reel out solder wire improves work efficiency
  • Mounting screw for grounding wire is attached on the baseplate
Model No. 611-1 611-2
Shaft Diameter 15mm 15mm
Solder Wire 1 x 1kg (max) 2 x 1kg (max)
Dimensions 87 (W) X 78 (H) X 141 (D)mm 87 (W) x 200 (H) x 141 (D) mm
Weight 450g 750g

Solder reel stand (611-1)

  • Smooth reeling out motion improves work efficiency
  • Solder wire bobbins of up to 1kg can be loaded
  • ESD protective product

Two-tiered solder reel stand (611-2)

  • Possible to set two solder wires of different sizes in upper and lower tiers respectively
  • ESD protective product