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HAKKO PRESTO 981I-V23 Soldering Gun 230V

HAKKO PRESTO 981I-V23 Soldering Gun 230V

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Click here to shop compatible soldering tips for 981I-V23. Comes with 980-T-B Tip

The HAKKO Presto can be used for a wide range of applications from simple repair of electric appliances to soldering of large components such as transformers.

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130W high-speed heatup with a boost switch
Boost switch can immediately raise power from 20W in normal operation mode to 130W, enabling high-speed heatup

Simply press the boost switch when a large amount of heat is temporarily required; for example, when quick heatup is needed (the unit becomes ready to solder within around 20 sec.) or when soldering relays and connectors.

Note: The boost switch can be used for up to 30 continuous seconds.

  • Power consumption: 20/130W (While the switch is pushed)
  • Heating element: Ceramic heater
  • Total Length: 160mm (excludes cord)
  • Weight: 92g (excludes cord)

Soldering Tips (Presto Series)

Shape BC/C 980-T-BC Shape-BC
Shape B 980-T-B Shape-B
980-T-BI Shape-BI
Shape D 980-T-D Shape-D

Replacement Parts

Part Number Product Name
A1370 Heating Element for 981/985 (220V)
A1371 Heating Element for 981/985 (230V)
B1157 Element Support Pipe
B2240 Enclosure Pipe (980/981)
B2564 Enclosure Pipe (984/985)
B1784 Nut
B2236 Flange (2 Core)
B2562 Cap
B2563 Adapter

Optional Parts

Part Number Product Name
FH300-81 Iron Holder with Cleaning Sponge
633-01 Iron Holder with 599B
633-02 Iron Holder with Cleaning Sponge 
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