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  • Hakko FA431 Soldering Welding Fume Extractor / Smoke Absorber
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FA-431 Fume Extraction 230V

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Availability: Pre-Order | Lead Time: 16 - 26 Weeks

  • Excellent cost performance filter 
  • Filters out 97% of particles greater than 0.3μm
  • Optional sub-filters extend the life of Pre and Main filters
  • Ideal for factories with a lot of soldering work

Excellent cost performance filters (Filter efficiency 97%)
The life of new filters will be approx. 4 times* longer compared to HAKKO FA-430 which employs High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter.
With the use of an optional sub-filter, you can extend the life of pre-filter and main filter to approx. 10 times* longer!
*The filter life will differ depending on the work environments and work conditions.

Remote Control
With a remote control, now it is very easy to switch ON/OFF the unit which is placed under the table.

Quiet operation and powerful suction
Exhaust noise has been reduced without sacrificing suction performance by the addition of a silencer unit to the exhaust outlet to ensure smooth air outflow. A high-performance motor with 1,500 Pa of static pressure provides powerful suction and quiet operation.

Adjustable to suit working environment
Catch harmful smoke with freestanding ducts and adjustable air volume
Is your smoke absorber affected by air conditioning? Are you fed up with having to re-adjust ducts after every line change? The HAKKO FA-431 fume extractor is the answer to your problems.

Airflow adjustment
Three airflow modes are available: High, Medium, and Low. Significantly improve your working environment by using an airflow volume that suits the worksite and the job.

  • Low mode: Not easily affected by the surrounding environment. For use in small, quiet locations. (For when low-noise operation is a priority.)
  • Medium mode: For normal use.
  • High mode: For use in locations that are significantly affected by the surrounding environment. (For when suction performance is a priority.)
Noise Level dB (A) Air Volume m3/min
Low 44 2.8
Medium 50 3.7
High 53 4.7

Freestanding ducts
Ducts can be bent or lengthened as desired and maintain their shape after adjustment, letting you place them exactly where suction is needed. Say goodbye forever to ducts that are long, heavy, and hard-to-handle. The FA-431 Duct is 1.2m in length and weighs 0.6kg

Packing List
Main unit FA431-16
Power cord -
Remote controller C5035
Cap B3619
Main filter L A5033
Pre-filter L (x10) A5034
Instruction Manual -

Note: Duct set (C1571/C1572) is not included in FA-431 unit. Please purchase desired duct set(s) when you order FA-431 unit.

  • Duct Set C1571 (Rectangle): Duct, Adapter, Rectangular nozzle, Net, Instruction manual. Rectangular nozzle is best for absorbing smoke from the side.
  • Duct Set C1572 (Round): Duct, Adapter, Round nozzle, Net, Instruction manual. Round nozzle is best for absorbing smoke from above.


  • Power consumption: 110W
  • Noise level: 50dB (MEDIUM mode)
  • Maximum suction capacity HIGH: 4.7m3/min. (When using 2 ducts)
  • Maximum suction capacity MEDIUM: 3.7m3/min. (When using 2 ducts)
  • Maximum suction capacity LOW: 2.8m3/min. (When using 2 ducts)
  • Filtering efficiency HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW:97% (≥0.3µm)
  • Static pressure: 1,500Pa
  • Duct set (sold separately) Length of duct: Φ55mm×1.2m (ESD SAFE)
  • Dimensions: 330(W) × 366(H) × 343(D) mm
  • Weight: 7.2kg
  • * Noise level is measured at a distance of 1 m from the face of unit in an anechoic room.
  • * Net in duct sets are not protected against electrostatic discharge.
Part Number Product Name
A5033 Main Filter L
A5034 Pre-Filter L (10 pcs)
B3619 Cap
C5035 Remote Controller
C1571 Rectangular Nozzle Duct Set
C1572 Round Nozzle Duct Set
A5035 Sub Filter (5 pcs)
A5036 Sub Filter for C1571 (20 pcs)
A5037 Sub Filter for C1572 (20 pcs)
B5146 Filter Case for C1571
B5147 Filter Case for C1572
B3642 Φ55mm×1.2m Duct
B3620 Adapter
B3621 Adapter (3 inch)
B3622 Rectangular Nozzle (for C1571)
B3623 Round Nozzle (for C1572)
B3625 Net (5 pcs): For preventing contaminants from being absorbed. (Mesh dimensions: Approx. 10 mm × 10 mm)
B2410 Φ75mm×2m Duct
B2416 Duct Band (2 pcs)
B2418 Bench Top Plenum/Clear

Parts Required For Independent Ducts

Part Number Product Name
B3642 Φ55mm×1.2m Duct
B3620 Adapter (for attaching duct to main unit)
B3622 Rectangular Nozzle
B3623 Round Nozzle
B3625 Net (5 pcs): For preventing contaminants from being absorbed. (Mesh dimensions: Approx. 10 mm × 10 mm)

Additional Required Parts for Bench Top Hood

Part Number Product Name
B2418 Bench Top Hood. For stopping smoke from escaping upwards without being affected by air conditioning.
*Requires Φ75 duct (B2410), duct band (B2416), and 3-inch adapter (B3621).
B2410 Φ75mm × 2m Duct, Not freestanding.
B2416 Duct Band
B3621 Adapter for 3 inch duct: Φ75 duct

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