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T36 Series

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Soldering Tips for FN-1102 Nitrogen Gas (N2) soldering iron (designed exclusively for HAKKO FN-1010)

Click here to shop compatible nozzle assemblies for FN-1102

For HAKKO FN-1102, soldering iron tips and nozzle assembly are not supplied as accessories, kindly purchase them separately.

Please note that you'll need both the tip AND its compatible nozzle assembly for the soldering iron to function (Shape + Assembly Unit)

Shape BC/C Assembly Unit
T36-BC2 Shape-2BC B5234 Nozzle assembly B
T36-BC1 Shape-1BC,
T36-C1 Shape-1C
B5235 Nozzle assembly C
T36-BC3 Shape-3BC,
T36-C4 Shape-4C
B5236 Nozzle assembly D
Shape B Assembly Unit
T36-B Shape-B B5233 Nozzle assembly A
T36-B2 Shape-0.5B,
T36-BL Shape-BL
B5234 Nozzle assembly B
Shape D Assembly Unit
T36-D08 Shape-0.8D,
T36-D16 Shape-1.6D,
T36-D24 Shape-2.4D
B5233 Nozzle assembly A
T36-D52 Shape-5.2D,
T36-DL32 Shape-3.2DL
B5237 Nozzle assembly E
Shape I Assembly Unit
T36-I Shape-I B5233 Nozzle assembly A
T36-ILS Shape-ILS
Narrow-pitch Soldering Type (Shape S)
B5235 Nozzle assembly C
Shape J Assembly Unit
T36-JS02 Shape-0.2JL
Narrow-pitch Soldering Type (Shape S)
B5233 Nozzle assembly A
T36-J02 Shape-0.2J B5234 Nozzle assembly B
Shape K Assembly Unit
T36-K Shape-K B5237 Nozzle assembly E

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