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  • LPKF PowerCut 6080 actual unit - front view
  • LPKF PowerCut 6080 actual unit - example of cuts in different materials
  • LPKF PowerCut 6080 - zoomed in of cut example of 4mm thick stainless steel
  • LPKF PowerCut 6080 specifications card
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LPKF PowerCut 6080 - Laser Stencil Cutting

LPKF PowerCut 6080 - Cutting Thick Sheets With Micron Accuracy

LPKF PowerCut offers power and efficiency for micro machining mechanical parts from metal sheets up to 4 mm (150 mil) in thickness - with an accuracy known from SMT stencil production. 

The PowerCut system establishes a class of its own for the production of micro-parts. It delivers superior precision - perfect dimensional accuracy, small radii, optimally sharp edges, smooth and clean surfaces, and steep cutting walls.

Users profit from material savings thanks to the thin cutting channels required by the laser.

If desired, the PowerCut 6080 can also be used to process standard SMT stencils of a thickness greater than 80 µm. 

Applicable on:

  •  Aluminum
  •  Nickel
  •  Tungsten
  •  Molybdenum
  •  Tantalum
  •  Stainless steel
  •  Copper
  •  Al2O3

Download LPKF PowerCut 6080 Brochure

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