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LPKF ProMasks and LPKF ProLegend

LPKF ProMasks and LPKF ProLegend

Two Sides of the Same Coin

LPKF offers two processes for the professional surface finish of printed circuit boards: Solder resist with LPKF ProMask and assembly printing with LPKF ProLegend.

Solder mask and legend printing for in-house prototyping

Solder resist is - especially with SMT components - a basic requirement for safe soldering. With LPKF ProMask, a professional solder resist mask can be quickly and effectively applied to already structured circuit boards.

The solder resist mask is printed from the CAD program onto a transparent foil, transferred to the printed circuit board and developed. In just four steps, the structured circuit board is given a perfect surface finish in just a few minutes for soldering without short circuits.

The legend printing follows the same principle: LPKF ProMask and ProLegend are supplied with all necessary tools and consumables for a perfect result.

LPKF ProMask and LPKF ProLegend are essential for fast, simple and cost-effective PCB prototyping or small series production. A photographic exposure process transfers all structures or lettering exactly to the printed circuit board. 

LPKF ProMask Features
  • Fast, simple and cost-effective
  • Clean electrical insulation
  • Perfect protection of the printed circuit board against corrosion and oxidation
LPKF ProLegend features
  • High adhesive strength against cleaning agents
  • Simple procedure like LPKF ProMask
  • Minimum letter height of 2 mm

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