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  • LPKF TMG 3 actual unit - front view
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LPKF TMG 3 - Laser Plastic Welding

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LPKF TMG 3 - Stable and reliable tool in measuring optical transmission

Perfect tool to measure the optical transmission of plastic parts.  Results can be delivered in a matter of seconds and material deviation from preliminary processes can be detected thus cost saving can be implemented. 

LPKF TMG 3 Main Features:

  • Optically power-regulated laser diode for stable test conditions with the wavelengths of typical laser plastic welding systems
  • Stable even under surrounding light interference
  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 calibrated for accurate result
  • Wide area of application, from color properties to material matching and pre-welding qualification, all can be done in a few clicks
  • Standalone and easy to set up, powered by 5V USB. 

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