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Seamark X6600M/BM Universal Micro-focus Offline X-RAY Inspection

Seamark X6600M/BM Universal Micro-focus Offline X-RAY Inspection

6 axis universal offline precision micro-focus x-ray inspection equipment

High-magnification, multi-angle and large area inspection platform. To ensure safety of the environment and operators, it has a one-button door opening and closing, as well as real-time monitoring of radiation conditions. 

  • X and Y axis of the platform are driven by high-precision lead screws to ensure inspection accuracy
  • Automatic calibration function
  • Real-time monitoring of radiation value and multiple protection of operator's personal safety - radiometer will automatically sound an alarm if radiation exceeds set value
  • One-button automatic opening and closing of movable door for convenience
  • Large inspection platform to ensure a wider range of equipment inspection sizes
  • Fingerprint verification for authorisation of device control
  • Easy to operate and maneuverable rocker mechanism
  • T-axis Tilt Photo Inspection: can be used when conventional vertical inspection does not meet requirements for a more comprehensive inspection range
  • CNC Automatic Running Inspection: two modes of free point bit and matrix point bit are supported. After each point bit detection, a picture is automatically saved. Allows saving, modifying and repeating the CNC program.

X-ray Tube

Tube Type Reflective Sealed Micro-Focus X-ray Tube
Voltage Range X6600M: 40 - 90 KV
X6600BM: 40 - 130 KV
Electricity Range X6600M: 10 - 200 uA
X6600BM: 10 - 300uA
Max Output Power X6600M: 8 W
X6600BM: 39 W
Micro Focus Size 5 - 15 um

Flat Panel Detector

Detector Type IGZO Flat Panel Detector
Pixel Matrix 1648 x 1648
Field of View 160 x 160 mm
Resolution 5.1 Lp/mm
Frame (1 x 1) 30 fps
AD Conversion Bit 16 bits


Dimensions 1380 L x 1390 W x 1930 H mm
Input Power 220V 10A 50-60Hz
Max Sample Size 620 x 620 mm
Operation System Industrial Computer WIN10 64Bit
Net Weight X6600M: 1720kg
X6600BM: 1845kg
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