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Seamark X6600H Micro-Focus Offline X-RAY Inspection

A Cost effective, general purpose, offline precision micro-focus x-ray inspection equipment

Suitable for inspection of various factory offline products with high magnification, multi-angle inspection and large area inspection platform. 

  • Meets general X-ray inspection needs for a wide range of applications
  • High resolution design to get the best image in the shortest time
  • Laser automatic navigation and position to quickly select shooting position
  • CNC inspection mode for fast automatic inspection of multi-point arrays
  • Multi-angle tilting inspection for easier detection of sample defects
  • Simple and easy to use software
  • Low operating costs
  • X-ray tube and flat panel can be rotated (0-60°) at the same time to make inspection image clearer and more intuitive
  • Real-time monitoring of radiation value, protecting operator's safety
  • Easy to operate and maneuverable rocker mechanism

Void Measuring Function

Preset parameters can be used to identify the proportion of the inner void area and the proportion of the largest single void area of the detection area (ROI). You can key in custom decision specification value, save, modify or repeat the void detection parameter. 

Size Measurement Tool

Can be used to measure distance, distance ratio, angle, center distance, point distance, circle (diameter, circumference, area) and quadrilateral (length, width, area) measurements. Hand-drawn arrows, polygons, free graphics and text (Chinese and English) marks are supported. 

Defect Inspection

Two modes of free point bit and matrix point bit are supported. After each point bit detection, a picture is automatically saved. Allows saving, modifying and repeating the CNC program. 
Develop specific software algorithms according to desired product characteristics and requirements to achieve automatic defect recognition and inspection function, including the presence or absence, crack, broken line, offset, size, number and other recognition algorithms. 


X-ray Tube

Tube Type Reflective Sealed Micro-Focus X-ray Tube
Voltage Range 40 - 90 KV
Electricity Range 10 -200 uA
Max Output Power 8 W
Micro Focus Size 5 - 15 um

Flat Panel Detector

Detector Type Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Detector
Pixel Matrix 1536 x 1536
Field of View 130 x 130 mm
Resolution 5.8 Lp/mm
Frame (1 x 1) 20 fps
AD Conversion Bit 16 bits


Dimensions 1245 L x 1230 W x 1900 H mm
Input Power 220V 10A 50-60Hz
Max Sample Size 540 x 440 mm
Operation System Industrial Computer WIN10 64Bit
Net Weight 1170kg

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