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Seamark X7600 Micro-Focus Offline X-RAY Inspection

Powerful and High-End precision Micro-Focus Inspection X-RAY

With multi-angle and multi-directional photography, as well as 360° rotation and 60° tilt for 3D photography, blind spots are eliminated to get the best vision inspection. 

  • 60° tilt for observation
  • Optional 2.5D module for upgrade
  • High-Definition Inspection Images (offset/soldering/voids/cold soldering/wire bonding)
  • 360° platform rotation
  • Color image navigation and mapping navigation
  • Optional picture stitching function is supported

X-ray Tube

Tube Type Reflective Sealed Micro-Focus X-ray Tube
Voltage Range 40 - 90 KV / 40-130KV
Electricity Range 10 - 200 uA / 10 - 300uA
Max Output Power 8W / 39W
Micro Focus Size 5 - 15 um

Flat Panel Detector

Detector Type Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Detector
Pixel Matrix 1536 x 1536
Field of View 130 x 130 mm
Resolution 5.8 Lp/mm
Frame (1 x 1) 20 fps
AD Conversion Bit 16 bits


Dimensions 1700 L x 1770 W x 1800 H mm
Input Power 220V 10A 50-60Hz
Platform Size 510 x 510 mm
Operation System Industrial Computer WIN10 64Bit
Net Weight 2050kg

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