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Seamark XC2100 High Speed Inline X-RAY Counter

Seamark XC2100 High Speed Inline X-RAY Counter

Automatic High Speed Counter

Featuring automatic loading (code scanning), detection, labelling, and uploading of design work for various components

  • Inline X-ray counter
  • Turntable 4-station design with separate conveying and labelling
  • Increased efficiency and speed of up to 8 seconds per reel
  • 2 material carts that moves from one end to the other
  • Offline X-ray counter function is included for manual operations
  • Recognizes bar codes / QR codes
Reel Size 7" - 15" Tape Reel
Reel Height <80 mm
Min Component 01005
System Docking MES/ERP etc
Input Power 220V 16A 50-60Hz
Control System Industrial PC/WIN10 64 bit
Dimension 1894 L x 1864 W x 2100 H
Net Weight 2200 KG
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