PCB Depaneling

Depaneling of PCBs for a Wide Variety of Materials

PCB Laser Depaneling

Types of Depaneling

Depending on the requirements, depaneling can be performed by either mechanical milling or laser depaneling. The LPKF Protomat and Protolaser machines can be used for depaneling, separating the printed circuit board from the base material. 

An extensive parameter/tool library delivers the settings for the most important materials. The creation of panels is also optimally supported by the LPKF software. 

Mechanical Depaneling Standard printed circuit board materials like FR4 and FR5 are effectively depaneled using LPFK Protomats' special milling tools.
The combination of a vacuum table and optical fiducial detection turns inserting and aligning of a panel into a quick and easy task. The breakout tabs are cut cleanly, providing the user with a PCB with an exact contour. 
Laser Depaneling The LPKF Protolaser cuts any contour in thin rigid, rigid-flex, or flexible PCB materials.
The thermal energy of the laser is used to remove the material path by path/layer by layer. The material is vaporized and the powerful suction system will extract the resulting fumes, resulting in minimal or no residues.

PCB Contour Routing with ProtoMat S103

LPKF ProtoLasers (Laser Depaneling)

LPKF ProtoLaser S4
ProtoLaser S4
Structure, engrave and cut in a single operation
ProtoLaser R4 ProtoLaser R4
Laser ablation with practically no heat transfer
LPKF ProtoLaser U4 ProtoLaser U4
Compact laser system producing fine, precise structures
LPKF ProtoLaser ST
ProtoLaser ST
High performance, table top compact laser for any lab

LPKF ProtoMat (Mechanical Depaneling)

LPKF Protomat E44
ProtoMat E44
For cost effective, professional in-house prototyping
LPKF ProtoMat S64 ProtoMat S64
All-rounder for rapid PCB prototyping
LPKF ProtoMat S104
ProtoMat S104
Specialist for RF and microwave applications