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  • Hakko soldering iron FM2028 handpiece only for FX951 soldering station 75W to solder onto printed circuit board for SMT assembly production lines
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FM-2028 Soldering Iron 230V

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Soldering iron in lock-type sleeve assembly, compatible with FX-950, FX-951 and FX-952.


Easy removal of sleeve assembly and tip
Simply press down on the lock release button and pull the sleeve assembly out! Both the sleeve assembly and soldering tip comes out easily for quick removal or tip change.

Easy and secure tip insertion
When the tip is inserted into the sleeve assembly, you should hear a 'click' sound. This means that the tip has been inserted securely.

Sleeve color variation
An addition of the green sleeve assembly to the current yellow, orange and blue allows the user to assign the color to a specific tip shape or size, making it easy to identify while working with multiple soldering irons.

Packing List

*Soldering Tips/Nozzles not included. To be purchased separately

Connector Assembly, Yellow Sleeve Assembly, Instruction Manual
Connector Assembly, Instruction Manual. (Sleeve Assembly not included)
  • Power consumption: 70W (24V)
  • Temperature range: 200 to 450ºC
  • Tip to ground resistance: <2Ω
  • Tip to ground potential: <2mV
  • Heating element: Composite heater
  • Cord length: 1.2m
  • Total length: 188mm (with 2.4D tip, without cord)
  • Weight: 30g (with 2.4D tip, without cord)

Soldering Tips (T12 Series)

Soldering tips are not sold together with FM-2028. Kindly purchase them separately. 

  • T12 Series for Asia, Japan, Oceania and all other countries
  • T15 Series for North America and EU

Replacement Parts

Part Number Product Name
B3220 Connector Cover
FH200-01 Iron Holder with Cleaning Wire and Power Save Function 
B2791 Retaining Clip
599B-02 Tip Cleaner (Metal Wire Sponge)
599-029 Cleaning Wire
B3253 Connecting Cable
B2300 Heat Resistant Pad
B3216 Yellow Sleeve Assembly
B3217 Orange Sleeve Assembly
B3218 Blue Sleeve Assembly
B3219 Green Sleeve Assembly
A1519 Cleaning Sponge (Replaces A1536)